I’m Selling Things!

UPDATE: Prices have been dropped across the board. Down to nothing in many cases. Everything must go as they say. The only catch is that now I will now not take reserves. It’s all first come first serve. And I was not kidding about the end date of the sale. The final time to make purchases (in most cases) is Saturday, March 28th, between 10am and 1pm. This may be extended later into the afternoon. I cannot and will not store/hold items beyond the 28th. 

EXCEPTIONS: Movies have not dropped in price and can be purchased after the 28th, as long as you let me know.  The lot of comics remains unchanged. All other exceptions noted below.

Hundreds of movies and books, a bunch of appliances and furniture, tons of crafts and electronics, comics and more. All for sale through the end of March. (When they’ll either be store-sold or donated.)

I’m doing this all online, you can browse at your leisure — in multiple sittings and/or repeatedly if that’s your thing.

Call it an estate sale, a moving sale, or a not-quite-garage sale — a rose by any other name and all that jazz — point is, you should buy the things. Buy lots. I want your money.

There are pictures of everything in the links below — all categorized by type or price for your convenience. I’ll be updating at least once a day so if the picture is still there, there’s a 96% chance that whatever it is is still available.

How this works:

  1. When you find something(s) you’re interested in, email me at amblogatvalleywinddotcom. If photos have an ID# at the beginning of the photo filename, you just need to tell me what that is.
  2. We’ll set a time for you to be able to pick things up (Carling/Holland area). I’ll have fixed time blocks but will, with notice, be flexible about setting times outside them. Days, evenings, or weekends. In select cases, we can make arrangements for delivery/meet-up instead of pick up (i.e., if we know each other and get together for coffee).
  3. You can set a time to come by and browse in person, but only in those time blocks or if you’ve already committed to buying something.
  4. I accept payment via e-transfer, paypal/credit card (addtn’l 5% fee applies-their rules, sorry), or cash upon pickup/delivery.
  5. Items can be held/reserved for you, but for same day only. If you pay electronically, it’ll stay here waiting for you until you pick it up, or until the 30th of March.
  6. Sales are final and all items are sold as is. Once you leave with them, they’re yours.
  7. There are exceptions to almost everything above if you ask.

On to it then, let’s start the sale.


All movies sell at $2 each. There are 391 of them so plenty to choose from.


TV Series sell at $10 each.



All books sell at $3, except the books in the $1 bin (which sell at $1).

Browse the Christmas craft/cook books:

Browse the craft books (includes everything crafty, from painting to sewing to interior design):

Browse the cookbooks:

Browse the spiritual/divination/supernatural books:

Browse the healing books (includes physical and mental healing (self-help)):

Browse the uncategorized books:

Browse the $1 books:

UPDATE: All books now $1 – but minimum purchase is 5 books, and you need to come and browse to pick them up. I will not go through the boxes, nor put any on reserve. First come first serve.

All the Random Things

Back to bigger categories in a tick, but first here’s everything else. If there are multiple items in a photo, they do not need to be bought as a lot. I was just saving time. (Note, that the pen, while for sale, is in the photos mostly to show scale.)

Random things selling at $…:

Random things selling at $…:

Random things selling at $…:

Random things selling at less than $…. … Ok, here’s the thing. I’m not really pricing these things. Make me an offer and come and get them. Seriously, they’re yours. Leave your dimes and quarters in the jar by the door. (This also goes for anyplace else below that I say “make offer.” If you want it, come and get it.)

Here’s the photos:

Random Hardware Store. The random things you’d go to the hardware store to pick up. As above, make an offer and come get them.

Here’s the photos:

Random Crafty Things:

Browse Photos:

UPDATE: Everything in the random folders is now PAY WHAT YOU WANT – but minimum purchase is $5, and you need to come and browse to pick them up. I will not go through the boxes, nor put anything on reserve. It’s all first come first serve.

Random classier things: Lovely vintage things. Nothing here is newer than 30 years old. Prices as listed.

Browse photos:

  • Antique Hand Juicer (Lemon/Lime) 1950s Vintage Bar Tool (6002): $16.00
  • Charles and Diana Commemorative Wedding Mug (6006): $15.o0
  • Teleflora Chic Vintage Pedestal Bowl/Candy Dish w/ Ribbon Trim (6008): $20.00
  • Vintage tin/copper music box, ship moves with the music (6010): $16.00
  • Manual Vintage Egg Beater (6017): $12.00
  • 25th Anniversary China Teacup and Saucer (6018): $10.00
  • 25th Anniversary Cake Plate (6026): $5.00
  • Vintage Mappin & Webb, Prince’s Plate (Silverplate) Creamer (6022): $12.00
  • Vintage Silverplate, Hamilton Canada, Candy Dish on Pedestal (6023): $18.00
  • Vintage Silver Plate Bowl (6024): $10.00

UPDATE: All remaning items are 50% list price. And for these, I will still take reserves, put things aside, and hold later than March 29th if requested. 


And here’s the big things. All prices as listed.

UPDATE: Everything listed below in this category is now PAY WHAT YOU WANT. I will, however, not put anything on reserve. It’s all first come first serve. Here till it’s gone.

UPDATE: All items listed in italics will in fact be put out on the front lawn with a big “free” sign on them as of Friday afternoon. So they probably won’t be around long. 

Browse the photos:

    • A100-Kenmore Electric Stove/Oven. Approx 10-15 years old. All burners and oven work perfectly. Timer “up” button on control panel is broken and tough to use. $150.00
    • A203-4 Blade Ceiling Fan. $25.00
    • A204-Window Fan (sits in window). $15.00
    • A205-Floor Fan. $5.00
    • A206-26″ SHARP CRT Television. $10.00
    • A207-Shark Vacuum. Not a very strong vac. Okay on floors and decent on carpet. $10.00
    • A208-Total Chef Grill. Has 4 interchangeable plates. Works but the flat plates don’t fit easily. $10.00
    • A210-Table Lamp. $7.50
    • A302-TV Stand for CRT TV. Fits up to 32″ TV. $25.00
    • A303-Dining Room Table with wings. A bit scratched on top, but nothing that can’t be covered or easily restored. $25.00
    • A305-Beautiful vintage storage unit/table. Used to hold a record player/radio, hence vent on side and speaker holes in back. Needs a bit of TLC. $25.00
    • A306-Wooden four drawer dresser. Top drawer needs repair. Perfect for basement storage. $15.00
    • A307-White finished four drawer dresser. Slight damage to top where finish has peeled. So needs a bit of a paint job. $15.00
    • A308-Storage unit w/ shelves. Needs some TLC and a bit of paint, unless you use it in basement like we did. $10.00
    • A310-Nice Ikea desk, 2 piece. $30.00
    • A311-Wheeled floor shelf. $10.00
    • A312-Same Desk as 310 shown with floor piece 311 to show how they would look together. Buy them both: $40.
    • A313-Collapsible dinner or craft table. $10.00
    • A314-Wall hanging shelving unit with five adjustable shelves. Great for books or small kid’s toys. $15.00
    • A315-Same as 314 but with a cubby at bottom instead of a shelf. $15.00
    • A317-Tool bench with cupboard. FREE to whoever comes and takes it off the wall.
    • A404-Magazine/book Rack. $5.00
    • A405-White 2-pocket Magazine/book Rack. $7.50
    • A506-Small Medicine Cabinet. $10.00
    • A508-window blinds x 3 (only two shown in photo). One maroon, two white. 5 feet long, 1 inch wide. Old so have some wear, but work fine. $5.00 each.
    • A509-window blinds. White. 5 feet long, 2 inch wide. Old with some wear, but works fine. $5.00
    • A510-pair of curtain rods. white. extendable to approx 6 feet. Make offer.
    • A511-Thick wooden curtain rod. Flat ends, unadorned. 6 feet. Make offer.
    • A512-517-Paint. White, light blue, light yellow (meteorite). How much is left is labelled on cans. Make offer.
    • A518-Shelves, wide, with finished faces. Or lumber. I don’t judge your usage. Make offer.

Crafty Things

Browse photos:

  • C435-Box of wreath greens to make Christmas wreaths, plus two small boxes of ornamental supplies. $30.00
  • C436-Artificial flowers and leaves. Two full bags of artificial leaves and flowers for making arrangements, plus 6 smaller bags, and a few long stems. Sold as a collection. Starting bid $15.00
  • C437-A big tin of pins for floral arrangements, plus two bricks of floral foam. $10.00

UPDATE: All items in this category are now 30% off list price. 


Browse photos:

  • E106-BioClock, Light Therapy (for Seasonal Affected Disorder, etc): $30.00
  • E108-vtech Telephone, Corded plus Cordless Less than a year old, sells for $70 new: $30.00
  • E110-1980s era Tandy Color Computer 3 plus Modem. $40.00
  • E112-WinTV PVR. Turn your computer into a TV. $5.00
  • E113-Computer Power Cables. $5.00
  • E114, E115-USB & Firewire Cables. Make offer.
  • E116-USB Extension Cables. Make offer.
  • E217-222-Handheld Games. $5.00 each.
  • E105- 3″ Digital Photo Frame: $10.00
  • E107-Alarm Clock with 2 separate alarms: $10.00

UPDATE: All items in this category are now 50% off list price. I will not go through the boxes, nor put anything on reserve. It’s all first come first serve. 



Browse photos:

  • 0831: Deluxe Knee Tension Braces: $7.50 each.
  • 0832: Wrist Splint: $7.50
  • 0834: Wrist Tension Braces (long and short): $6 per pair.
  • 0835: Knee Tension Braces: $6.00 per pair.
  • 0836: Self cut-tension wrist bands: $2.00 per pair.
  • 0837: Tensor bandages. $3 each.
  • 0838: Decorative gloves. $3.00 per pair.

UPDATE: Everything listed below in this category is now PAY WHAT YOU WANT. I will, however, not put anything on reserve. It’s all first come first serve. Here till it’s gone.


There are 230 comics in this lot — sets, and random individuals. Most are in near perfect condition, though some are pretty beat up and are meant for those interested in reading them and not collectors. Will only sell as a single lot. Asking price of $100.00 OBO.

The big sets include

  • Fantastic Four $1-#43 (from Heroes Reborn reboot).
  • X-Men 2099 #1-#35 (full set) plus X-Nation 2099 #1-#6 (full set) plus 2099 World of Tomorrow #1-#8 (full set), plus 2099 Genesis.
  • Transformers. most of #1 to #48.
  • Full list of everything is below.

Browse photos:

In the listings below, I’ve listed the condition of the comics. A 9 or 10/10 is perfect or high enough quality that I’d expect to buy at a store. 7 or 8/10 is lightly damaged. 5 or 6/10 is pretty beat up but entirely readable.

  • Masters of the Universe (1,2, 5, 8, 13) 8/10
  • Superman Annual 1985 8/10
  • Christmas with the Superheroes (2) 9/10
  • Superman (89) 8/10
  • Batman (489) 8/10
  • Superman (75, 76) Man of Steel (19/20) 8/10
  • Worlds Finest Comics: Superman and Batman (286, 291, 292) 8/10
  • Worlds Finest Comics (282) 8/10
  • Transformers: Headmasters (1-4 of 4) 7/10
  • Transformers (1, 8, 9, 11-13, 15-17, 19) 5/10
  • Transformers (20-29) 5/10
  • Transformers (30-39) 7/10
  • Transformers (40-44, 46, 48) 5/10
  • Official Handbook of Marvel Universe x 3 4/10
  • Fantastic Four (1-10) 10/10
  • Fantastic Four (11-20) 10/10
  • Fantastic Four (21-30) 10/10
  • Fantastic Four (31-40) 10/10
  • Fantastic Four (41-43) 10/10
  • Fantastic Four: Big Town (1-4 of 4) 9/10
  • Fantastic Four Annual 2000 10/10
  • Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Comic (1-4 of 12) 10/10
  • Fantastic Four/Gen 13 10/10
  • X-Men 2099 (1-8 plus extra #1 and Special) 10/10
  • X-Men 2099 (9-18) 10/10
  • X-Men 2099 (19-28) 10/10
  • X-Men 2099 (29-35) 9/10
  • 2099 World of Tomorrow (1-8 of 8) 9/10
  • 2099 AD Genesis (1) 10/10
  • X-Nation 2099 (1-6) 8/10 * except 4 which is 5/10
  • Ultimate X-men (1-5) 9/10
  • X-Men: The Hellfire Club (1-4) 10/10
  • Universe X (1) 11/10 plus certificate of authenticity
  • Citizen V (1, 2 of 3) 10/10
  • Vision and the Scarlet Witch (1-3) 10/10
  • WCW World Championship Wrestling (1) 10/10
  • Gambit (1) 9/10
  • The Secret Defender (1) 9/10
  • Venom (1) 10/10
  • Wolverine Cable, Guts and Glory 10/10
  • Pryde and Wisdom (1-3) 10/10
  • Heroes Reborn (1, 2 of 4) 10/10
  • Official Marvel Index to X-Men (1, 2) 10/10
  • Ultimate Marvel Team-up (1, 2, 3) 10/10
  • X-Men Adventures (3) 10/10
  • Uncanny X-Men (361) 10/10
  • Iron Man (42) 10/10
  • The Mighty Thor (37) 10/10
  • What If… (37, 38, 103, 107) 10/10
  • What If… (3, 7, 10, 19, 20, 21, 22, 32, 55, 79) 8/10
  • X-Men (13) 8/10
  • Spectacular Spider-man (213) Amazing Spider-man (367) Web of Spider-man (91) 8/10
  • Hulk (11) 10/10
  • Tales of GI Joe (7), GI Joe Special Mission (28) GI Joe (64, 65, 71) 7/10
  • Darkchylde (0, 1) 9/10
  • Darkclaw (1) 10/10
  • JLX (1) 10/10
  • JLA Act of God (1, 2, 3 of 3) 10/10
  • P.J. Warlock (1) 8/10