Interviewed about Post Production

Back at the beginning of September I was contacted by a student in Jonquière, Quebec (I had to look it up, too) who was studying “Production et Postproduction télévisuelle” (roughly translated, tv/broadcasting). She contacted me through Production Ottawa and asked if she could interview me about post-production (specifically, video editing). I said sure, and we tried to connect while she was in town but couldn’t so we ended up doing it electronically. I figured why not post some of the answers here.

What do you feel are the most important requirements to succeed in a post production job?

Being able to keep track of a lot of different pieces at once. Especially on bigger projects it’s crucial for an editor to know and keep track of every clip he has access to and to be able to figure out in your head an idea of what should go where – and to think of all the different possibilities you have. Particularly when something you think should work isn’t working is when you need to remember that “oh, I have this other clip somewhere else that might work” or “don’t I have this scene in another angle?” (This is also useful in most everything else I do.)

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