Most Awesome People, LINDSEY STIRLING

(This is a new category of post I’ll add to from time to time that’s probably pretty self explanatory. It’ll be used pretty sparingly, only when somebody’s cumulative awesome points reach a truly significant number. If I sound like I’m gushing occasionally, remember, this category isn’t called “somewhat awesome people.”)

There’s really only possible choice for my first MAP so let’s get into it.

Lindsey Stirling is a classical violinist who built a massive following on her YouTube channel where her “violin rock” songs are paired to pretty amazing music videos and where between her original music and adapted covers she’s earned more than a hundred and sixty million views. I’m not going to write out a bio here, if you want to know know more about her, her website’s where you should go. (Or Wikipedia.)

Trouble with the embed? Watch directly on YouTube.

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