Being the Adult

One of the hardest things about being a freelancer/entrepreneur is just plain getting the work done. Not having set work hours means you have to keep on top of them yourself. It’s very easy to putter away your time doing any number of things that don’t count as work and leave you wondering just where the hell the week went.

Being the Adult

We’ve all had days like this.

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We’re All Just Bubbles Being Blown By a Baby

So there’s this actress I’ve worked with. Spirited. Passionate. Full of life. All of 16 now.

A year and a bit ago she was off in Toronto for a fan convention with her mom and boyfriend, having the time of her life. On the way home to Ottawa, memories of the convention are high and the big plans to come are the final Harry Potter movie a week from being released. Until a driver jumps the yellow line, driving into oncoming traffic. The car in front of them manages to get out of the way. They weren’t so lucky.

Don’t Worry, It’s A Happy Ending

The actress’s mom (who escaped serious physical injury) was told at the hospital not to get her hopes up because her daughter very likely wouldn’t survive the night. She was told the same thing the next night, and the next for going on a week. The actress did survive those first nights, plus several more months of excruciating pain in the ICU, plus several more months in the general ward of CHEO (Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario) until she was eventually released.

Bubbles, Sound Advice

Not always easy, but always worth trying.

Six months of her life gone in an instant. It took to the tune of three dozen operations to put her broken body back together and she fought hard to make it through every single day. Especially early on. Her scars, signs of a battle we all hope never to face, will be with her forever.

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One Moment, A Cast of Millions

I present you an image. One tick of the clock. One single moment in time.

And I present you the millions upon millions of people that were required to bring this one single moment into being.

The Immediate Surroundings

Springtime. A Kick It Up dance competition. Kick It Up is a big operation, but this is a small competition so conservatively (I’ll keep all numbers conservative)the competition took about a dozen people to organize and run. It was done on behalf of a half-dozen dance schools representing over two hundred and fifty dancers and teachers.

This particular number, the moment in time we’re talking about, is a group number. About a dozen ballet dancers are on stage. Taught not only ballet but other dance styles by two or three or four teachers at their dance school, who themselves were taught by more than a dozen teachers and danced in countless competitions organized by scores of people to get where they are now. The dancers dance a dance that has been danced for five hundred years, originating in the Italian Renaissance.

One Moment, Many Lights

North America at Night.
Lotta people down there.

They’re dancing to a number inspired by Schindler’s List, a movie that more than one thousand people worked on and itself was inspired by a historical event that itself counts millions among its participants. The music they’re dancing to, part of the movie’s score, was composed by a man who likely counts people like Mozart and Wagner among his influences.

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