2013 Year in Ottawa Theatre

We’re just about closing off 2013 at this point. Inspired by this post, and the annual wrap up Kevin “The Visitor” Reed tends to do, I figured “hey, why not write a blog post.”

In total, I’ve seen 68 shows this year making for about 105 hours of watching people on stage. Some were good, some were not so much, and some were, I’m sorry to say, pretty forgettable once the curtain dropped. Here’s the breakdown. By month. Just because. Continue Reading …


2013 Ottawa Fringe Overflow, part 2

If you found your way here, make sure you read part one of my 2013 Ottawa Fringe Overflow first, where I highlight my favourite shows, the shows I felt had potential to be so much more, and why. If you’ve already gone through that, let’s jump right into the rest of my thoughts on the 2013 Ottawa Fringe Festival that didn’t make it into my reviews.

Alex Vincent in Botched

Alex Vincent in Botched, which I’ll be talking about after the jump (photo:

The Big Lesson

For those who didn’t read part one and maybe don’t care about these shows per se, but want to know what I’m talking about, here’s the TL:DR version of the entire overflow:

Make Me Care.

Where The Frenzy of Queen Maeve and The Fight succeeded was that they made me care about the characters. (And not one of the three in The Frenzy of Queen Maeve are terribly likable. )

What I wanted so desperately from The Day We Grew Wings and The Vanity Project was to care about Clara, Narcissus, and Echo.

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2013 Ottawa Fringe Overflow

The 2013 Ottawa Fringe Festival

Yes, I do have all three!

The 2013 Ottawa Fringe Festival ended recently, so completely ignoring that I’ve been in neglect of this website for six months (I’ll get to that eventually) let’s talk about that.

Putting aside my own show in the festival (I’ll get to that, too) I saw twenty-six different shows between June 20th  and June 30th this year.  You can find my official reviews for twenty-five of them over on Production Ottawa (I was paid to attend the twenty-sixth as videographer, so didn’t review that one) but we have a specific mandate, style and word count on Production Ottawa so a lot of thoughts about a number of those shows never made it into the reviews. Plus I don’t get to compare shows in proper reviews. Basically, this is the overflow.

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The Question of Fringe

I had considered applying for the Ottawa Fringe Festival since about the first year I knew it existed. I’d been out for one show in ’08 to see the show of an actress I knew and I saw three shows in ’09 which is when I was really introduced to what the Festival was. So I guess the first year I’d considered it would have been 2010. I was neck deep in production of Survive the House at the time so had no idea about the timing of the lottery until after it had passed. It hadn’t been financially feasible to put in an application the following two years, which brings us to the 2013 Ottawa Fringe Festival. The first time I actually did apply.

When lo and behold, I ended up one for one. Valley Wind Productions was one of fourteen local companies randomly selected for a main venue birth. Not sure out of how many applicants but I do know the waiting list was capped somewhere above forty with an unknown number of companies not even making that.

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