Week In Review, November 5th to 11th, 2012

I’m skipping October. You’ll have to forgive that but there it is. I’m still working out this writing for the site on a schedule thing so don’t want to keep getting bogged down by thinking of back posts. Naturally this post will have some October overflow, but I’m not dwelling on it. Let’s keep it current.

Coconuts Make You Cry

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Month In Review-September

Unless I fall off the wagon (again), this will become a regular weekly thing for me to keep track of the previous week’s going ons. Anything worth keeping note of will get posted. Mostly for my benefit, but you can tag along, too.

Since I just relaunched, I thought I’d let the lines blur and let anything slip in from the past month.

First, a photo.

This falls into the category of “made me laugh more than it should have”. And okay, it wasn’t from the last month but I’ve been wanting to post it forever.

Batman photo for September in Review

If you aren’t at least chuckling, I’m sorry that you’re too young to understand.

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