Do Something Awesome

When was the last time you did something awesome? Did something awesome at work? Did something awesome at home? Did something awesome just because?

Abraham Lincoln thinks you're awesome.

I’m so getting this made into a shirt.

A few months ago I was walking from point A to point B as I’m apt to do, when I happened across chalk writing on the sidewalk. I’ll admit, not all too uncommon in neighbourhoods with children. The writing, upside down to me, said “Congratulations!” and then again in french, “Felicitations.” After the congratz (or before, depending on your point of view), there was the number 300. Followed by 299, 298, and so on. It was a mega game of hopscotch ending at 300.

As I’m walking down the sidewalk, I’m thinking that if whoever did this actually stuck with it and went all the way down to one, that that would be pretty awesome. (It didn’t occur to me until after that this hopscotch maker probably started at 1 and worked their way up.) Lo’ and behold, this game maker actually did it. 1 to three hundred, with some extra goodness like spins and the smile square worked in. Plus it was totally bilingual.

And yes, it was pretty awesome. Both the game itself, and the fact that somebody decided to do it, and actually followed through. Too often these days, you see or hear about people not following through or, worse, not having the ambition to even try to do awesome. I was impressed enough to make the walk back up to 300 – even though I’d have to go back to 1 when I was done – recording the whole thing. The video is below.

Of course, we’d all define “awesome” differently so let’s narrow down what I’m talking about. Let’s grab the dictionary definition of “awe-inspiring” and focus on the inspiring part. And go back to the original question. When was the last time you did something awesome? Did something with results that others can benefit from and that wasn’t motivated by self interest? Painting. Writing. Helping a friend move. It could be anything.

Just deciding to do something, going for it, and finishing what you start. That’s awesome.

And maybe the better question is, when is the next time you’ll do something awesome?

UPDATE: I did get a “Who’s Awesome?/You’re Awesome” shirt made.