Most Awesome People, LINDSEY STIRLING

(This is a new category of post I’ll add to from time to time that’s probably pretty self explanatory. It’ll be used pretty sparingly, only when somebody’s cumulative awesome points reach a truly significant number. If I sound like I’m gushing occasionally, remember, this category isn’t called “somewhat awesome people.”)

There’s really only possible choice for my first MAP so let’s get into it.

Lindsey Stirling is a classical violinist who built a massive following on her YouTube channel where her “violin rock” songs are paired to pretty amazing music videos and where between her original music and adapted covers she’s earned more than a hundred and sixty million views. I’m not going to write out a bio here, if you want to know know more about her, her website’s where you should go. (Or Wikipedia.)

Trouble with the embed? Watch directly on YouTube.

Lindsey Stirling PhotoI’ve loved Lindsey Stirling’s music since I was first introduced to it through her Legend of Zelda and Lord of the Rings medleys almost a year ago. I rediscovered that love in the summer when she put out her Phantom of the Opera mix which is when I went back and kind of consumed everything she had out and pretty well appointed her as the Goddess of Music. Hers is the music that takes what is already wondrous and amazing about the world, and multiplies it by itself. She’s the epic sound track to life.

Here’s your assignment. Grab a song like Elements or Transcendance (which is embedded above) and go out somewhere. Preferably somewhere something is happening like a mall, but it could just be across the street to a nearby park. Keep the volume loud enough to mostly block out life noise and just listen while you watch the goings around you. Let yourself be swept up in how much more amazing the world feels.  One of my favourites is a downtown corner at night, switching focus between cars and different passers by with each change in beat.

Obviously I bought her album from iTunes almost immediately after she released it. And I may have concluded this summer that nothing in the world can be wrong when Lindsey Stirling’s playing. I’m even considering writing a play with the album in mind for tone and sound design.

I strongly suggest you go watch all of her YouTube videos – both for the videos and the music – then buy her album (iTunes link || get a physical copy from her website).

Trouble with the embed? Watch directly on YouTube.

(I was going to embed Phantom of the Opera, but this video just came out Halloween time and, well, Lindsey Stirling AND Zombies!)

Plus she sells sheet music for her songs, and if anybody wants to buy me one of her posters, I’ll send you the address.

And did I mention she edits all of her own videos? Given my love-hate for video editing, I give her serious awesome points just for that.

Are you familiar with Lindsey Stirling’s music? What’s your favourite song or video? Let me know in the comments below.