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If you want to be a writer and ask a writer for advice, the almost universal response will be to read more. A writer needs to read. Screenwriters need to read scripts. Playwrights should read plays. Novelists should read books. Just read, dude. (Parallel to that, if you’re a scriptwriter, you also need to watch a bunch of movies and television and online video and plays–it’s a wonder any writing gets done.) 

Well, I’ve been very lax on creative reading over, say, the past decade. I had a nice spree a while back but really, I’d average out one book and one screenplay a year if I were being honest. Usually a Robert J Swayer book, as he’s the only author I know who I consistently like. Being busy isn’t a great excuse, but it’s the one I have.

Well, as part of a full on course correction of my life I’m undertaking this year involves making a real effort to read more. Because I really want to be writing more.

Plus, with dance season coming up, I knew I’d have many a break to read through.

The problem is, that when I started thinking about it, the thought of accumulating more physical books really bothered me. Lately, I’m all about minimalism and I really don’t want physical stuff.

Solution: Amazon Kindle. 

Reading More

Wonder what she’d make of an e-reader?

I researched the other e-readers and I don’t want to make this a review or comparison post but there’s two reasons I made the decision.

  • It filled the qualifications I needed it to, namely: reading PDF files (for scripts and other documents).
  • Some people I knew and respected used and were happy with it.

That was all I needed. So I bought a Kindle. After much deliberation, I named her Nina for reasons.

First note: awesome. I’m ecstatic to have it. It’s really, really great to read. I adore its ease of use and its readability. And pocketsized. I can carry hundreds of books in my pocket without worry of bookmarks or turning pages. Sure, I wish their was more flexibility with zooming in PDF files but that’s a minor thing. Highly recommend.

So now I embark on a rough goal of trying to read one novel a month through to the end of the year (and beyond). It’s a loose goal because I’ll have more time some months than I will others. I am still fairly busy with things.

I’ll also be reporting back here, giving my thoughts on whatever I read. Book reports!

First on my list, The Hunger Games. Yeah, I’m a band wagon jumper.

What are you reading? What should be on my list for the future? Join the discussion in the comments below. But say Twilight and I’ll punch you in the throat.