Month In Review-September

Unless I fall off the wagon (again), this will become a regular weekly thing for me to keep track of the previous week’s going ons. Anything worth keeping note of will get posted. Mostly for my benefit, but you can tag along, too.

Since I just relaunched, I thought I’d let the lines blur and let anything slip in from the past month.

First, a photo.

This falls into the category of “made me laugh more than it should have”. And okay, it wasn’t from the last month but I’ve been wanting to post it forever.

Batman photo for September in Review

If you aren’t at least chuckling, I’m sorry that you’re too young to understand.

Work and sort-of-work stuff:

  • New website? #imeanthisone
  • My open loop board started off depressingly full, but more and more white space is opening up. #happyface
  • Had an article/review published in a running magazine. I don’t know much about running culture but they had me review an interesting documentary and I learned a bit. The article is online. It’s also in print. They’re mailing me a copy but I don’t know where they distribute if you wanted one. They took a few liberties, mostly adding things after they gave me a max 400 word count, but that’s life. #atleasttheyspelledmynameright #bylinesareawesome
  • Signed on to shoot and edit a tiny little short in October. To be posted when it’s done.
  • Started a podcast. Following suit with most things I do, I have no idea what I’m getting into, but it should be a lot of fun going forward.
  • Saw a lot of (mostly good) theatre. September was a busy month for it. There was this and this and this and this and this and that. Sadly, this was my first miss of the season. #cannotseeeverything #unfortunately
  • Applications are out for the Ottawa Fringe Festival. Very tantalizing — as it’s been the last couple of years. This year I actually have the money to put in for the lottery, though. Plus I’m being urged on. We’ll see what happens. #manyexcitingpossibilities

In other news:

Dr. Who both started and ended its “season.” Can you even call five episodes a season? Anyway, Amy and Rory are gone. It was supposed to be sad, but it wasn’t very. I mean, it was a little bit, but we were past their expiration date. Although he started off strong, Matt Smith’s Doctor still has a ways to go to get the show back to where it was during David Tenant’s tenure. Now that Amy and Rory are gone, maybe we’ll have a chance for some renewed life. Leverage -really- wants your spot in my top five favourite television shows.

Once Upon a Time is back. Last year, this was consistently some of the best television around, and the finale was one of the most powerful hours of TV I’ve seen in years. It’s a wonderful example of what TV can do that movies and theatre just can’t. It’s off to a strong start so let’s hope for more of the same this year.

And a video:

To close out on on. This wasn’t from the last month but it’s Tenant and Tate (and Barrowman) at their Whovian best and one of those things I just can’t get enough of.

What did you do in September? Any recommendations for me?