Wrimo update, November 27

Page ninety-six. That’s where the script sits right now.

There are, at most, twenty-four pages to go and I’ve got three days to get ‘er done. Thirty-six pages went through in the past six days so the final stretch shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve only been doing four hours a day and could shuffle more hours to it if I need to.

What’s most excellent about today is that I finally wrote the scene that convinced me to push ahead with the script. For those who are not in the know, Looking Glass is an Alice in Wonderland story. My production company shot a Wizard of Oz (Legend of Oz) movie in 2009, and this is a follow-up to it that I’d planned to do way early that year. They were meant to follow one another as pseudo-sequels. It was a fair plan.

Except that I was pretty close to abandoning it.

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WHY YOUR STORY SUCKS: It’s Your Characters

Some days you face the page and you spin gold. Others you sit down and you write crap. Knowing the difference is what you need to get good at.

Monday was one of those crap days. I suspected it while I was writing but my fears weren’t confirmed until I read it back Tuesday.

Let’s figure it out together.

One of the reasons I was resisting getting back to Legend of the Looking Glass was that I had stopped at a bad place. The next scene to write was a scene that I didn’t really know what it needed to be. I knew the shape of most scenes, but not that one.

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