July 2011, I was contracted to produce a video to promote a book via author interview. The marketing company is based out of town so they contract me when they’ve got an author nearby. This was the first one I did for them. The video is embedded below.

Trouble with the video? Watch directly on Vimeo instead.

Matt Hamilton was a good guy to work with. Very friendly, chill, and relaxed. He knew what he was there to talk about. A better interview subject I couldn’t have asked for. I also couldn’t have asked for a better sunny. We shot everything, interviews and b-roll, in a couple hours — though I went back out to Bank St. the next week to grab that one extra shot. Two weeks later, video was done, and that was that.

Until recently, for reasons, I decided it was time to read Through Travel and Error: Confessions of an Asylum Seeking Canadian as part of Operation Read More. (You’ll only fully understand the subtitle if you read the book.)

I was pretty quickly drawn into Matt’s travel stories and was glad he made the read easy by being a good writer. Not being part of 420 culture the relentless marijuana adventures weren’t all that interesting to me but the travel stories, the life-style stories, the occasionally insane situations Matt got into – and out of – made for great reading.

This isn’t going to be a typical “My Thoughts On…” post because I don’t have any analysis about story telling or anything further to talk about. I mostly wanted to bring attention to the book and say that if the video intrigued you at all, for any of the reasons Matt mentioned, or if you’re just interested in an entertaining travelogue, I recommend you give it a read.

Oh, all right. A lesson in story-telling you can take from Through Travel and Error: Set up expectations early, and then deliver. You’ll give your readers a reason to continue reading, and you’ll leave them satisfied and happy that they did.

You can find Through Travel and Error on Amazon or in Chapters and if you want more info, you can find some here on his website. (Though the website needs some work. Email me, man, let’s fix that.)

P.S. I’m reading Lodestone now. A long fantasy book that is part of another trilogy. It’s no page turner but hopefully I’ll finish and get a post up on it soon.