Week In Review, November 5th to 11th, 2012

I’m skipping October. You’ll have to forgive that but there it is. I’m still working out this writing for the site on a schedule thing so don’t want to keep getting bogged down by thinking of back posts. Naturally this post will have some October overflow, but I’m not dwelling on it. Let’s keep it current.

Coconuts Make You Cry

Writing Business

First order of business.  Things are in order now that it’s time to decide on the next major writing project. I thought I’d had that figured out earlier this year but some things and life and stuff shook everything up. There’s four main projects all vying for primary brainspace, all with different benefits and levels of priority.

  • The Top Secret Musical is on long term hold and not among the four. I’m not ready to delve into writing a musical yet. But it’s coming. And it’ll be awesome.
  • The one I thought would be the next up, #UHG, doesn’t feel like the right time.  I was gonna work it this summer, but I didn’t get to it and the iron’s cooled down now.  It’s a great project for buzz and hype but it’s not super time sensitive. I think next summer’s the time to revisit it.
  • The steampunk web serial/novel (working title: Airship Pirates) is a real contender with the iron hot and a lot of great development happening in brainspace, but as long as I keep story notes, it’s not a priority to get done right away.
  • On the other hand, I need, like really need, to have a script ready for the Nicholl this coming May. It’s been a long time since I’ve written a screenplay I didn’t intend to produce (or for somebody else to produce) and way too long since I’ve had a Nicholl-ready script. That makes “Never After” a high priority.
  • Then there’s, Mako, a play that’s deep into my brainspace right now. In its favour is that I’m in the right place personally to be working on this particular piece given everything that’s been going on. Working against it is that the benefit when it’s finished is lowest of all four. I’d thought earlier this month that things would come together for it to be produced next year, which would have given it high priority, but that fell through, so now when I finish, it’s more likely to sit fallow for a while where each of the other projects stand to provide more benefit.

Decisions. Decisions. I’m planning a Wrimo for December so by next week I need to make a decision which it’ll be. I’m pretty of the plan even now but we’ll see.

Work and sort-of-work stuff:

  • The Ottawa Actors Studio is open, finally. It took some time, and there’s no doubt some things we’ll be working out as we work to get enrolment up, but it’s nice to be live with it. #goseegoseegosee
  • More progress on the open loop board makes me happy. More and more time opens up for video editing, which is mixed, but was part of the plan for the year. Which makes it on track aside from a bit of disruption over the summer.
  • Shot and edited a fifty-second short that turned out way better than I had thought. Look for The Drug Dealer job here on the site on November 29th though I’ll probably have pumped the video out on Facebook and Twitter the week before.
  • Naturally, saw a bunch of pretty good theatre. There was this and this and this and this and this. Dear Meghan of Windcast (and Hanna and Greta) fame, made her big stage debut in this. And this will earn a spot among my top theatrical experiences thanks largely to the performance of Brad Long as Marc Anthony.
  • Our little podcast seems to have found its feet. Andrew gets me to drop some names of my favourite local actresses in the latest episode. Good things to come on this.

In Video

Below is the video of the week. You can watch the full video if you like, but I fixed the embed to start where I wanted it to. Carrie’s one of a number of vloggers I watch. I knew she was a singer as well but when she started singing here, she totes blew me away.


You’re watching Once Upon a Time right? Still the best show on TV right now.

Hm. I just realized that the only four shows I’m watching right now are shot in Vancouver. Falling Skies, Primeval: New World, Supernatural, and Once Upon a Time. Okay, there’s Survivor as well, so we have to say the four scripted shows I’m watching.

In Books

I finally finished The Lodestone Trilogy. It was 995 pages that felt like 995 pages but it was good.

I also finished Old Man’s War, which I’ll post about soon. That was a 325 pages that just breezed by. One I highly recommend.

And to close, since I did miss all of October, a second photo that made me laugh.

Nigerian Money Scam

Oh wait, you were serious about that?

What did you do this week? Do you have any book, tv, or other recommends for me? Tell me in the comments below.