Wrimo Update: Fait Accompli!

That’s mission accomplished if you don’t know a word of French. Done deal. I typed “Fade To Black” -possibly the most wonderful three words in the English language- on Legend of the Looking Glass with a day to spare. The page count now is 117.

Opinion noted.

And I declare it good.

I planned to update the blog on Dec 1, but have been -very- busy getting ready for another self-imposed deadline. Some trailer for some movie or something. Legend of Oz?

Today is day seven of a seven day break from the script and as long as I get some client work out of the way, tomorrow starts my ten day rewrite and polish.

Day one is a full read of the script (for the first time). Applying all the easy notes I have. Taking the dogs out. Tweaking lines. Etc.

Days two through nine will be spent taking a good look at one act a day (I work a kind of eight-act structure). Looking scene by scene and giving it the hard questions. Why do you exist? Do you serve at least two of your three masters? (character, theme, plot) How could you be doing your job better?  And so on. The characters get the third degree as well.

Could be a lot of work or very little. If I get through an act quickly enough, I may get to two that day.

Day ten will be multiple read throughs. Clean up the rest of the typos. Ensure maximum word economy. I’ll likely get Final Draft to read the script to me.

After that, it will go out to readers and we’ll hope I’m not the only one who declares it good.