Wrimo Update, November 21

First half now finished. Sixty wonderful pages in. Sixty is exactly where it’s supposed to be which is great. I thought I was going to write over. Nothing has been skipped or half-baked so it’s a pretty solid open to mid-point.

And a doozy of a midpoint it is. Chaos, confusion, and mayhem. Plus tap dancing. Only in Wonderland folks.

Dash for the finish starts as soon as I click post. We’ll start with giving Ice a little breathing time (very little) before she’s thrown into the even deeper pool that’ll take us to the end. Things are about to get bad for our girl. Worst they’ve been. Which is the point. Push push push.

The goal of a writer is to push your main characters to the point where they want to quit. Then give them a hard shove and see how they react.

Just ’cause I feel it’s important to maintain some consistency – and because I’ve been wanting to post this photo for a week now – your random photo:

I’ll stay where I am thanks.

Admit it. That alone is worth the check in.